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Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, trying to do ALL THE THINGS and keep up as a mom? 

 You’re not alone.  

Maybe you find yourself thinking…

“I just don’t measure up to other moms. I’m the only hot mess who can’t pull my act together.”  

> It’s not just you. 64% of surveyed moms say motherhood has become more competitive than ever before. 

“My kids deserve a “perfect” mom so they can enjoy their childhood and reach their potential as they grow up.”  

  > You’re not the only one. 75% of moms say it’s important to be “perfect”. (Nevermind what research says about what kids really need….oh, and the limitations of the space-time continuum.)  

“I can’t keep all these balls in the air, but I have no idea what I could possibly drop.”  

  > Young moms surveyed reported that the “perfect” mom is organized and well educated. She’s also simultaneously family-oriented, successful in her career, and a good cook. And she’s also fit. (Of course.) No wonder moms feel so much pressure in their effort to give their kids a “perfect” mom. 

“I collapse into bed every night, exhausted, but feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing.”  

> It’s no surprise that 80% of moms today report that parenthood is exhausting. How could it not be when we’re trying to carry such a heavy load?

Source: 2015 State of Modern Motherhood Report

It’s time to let go. 



The Art and Science of Being an Awesome Mom without Losing Your Mind

A seven module training program for moms who want to let go of perfection-driven guilt, pressure, criticism, worry, and overwhelm and hold on to the joy in motherhood.

I'm Ready to Let Go of Perfect!

 Moms are amazing, but too often we don’t see it.  

We are drowning in pressure, overwhelm, and guilt. We are wrestling with measuring up to an impossible standard. And we want desperately to give our kids the absolute best.  

But we’re beginning to feel lost in the process.  

Scrolling through what looks like picture-perfect bliss in our friends' social media pictures seems only to be glaring reminders of our shortcomings

  • A post of a shared family hike secretly accuses us of giving our kids too much screen time. 
  • A race photo taunts them for skipping our morning run. (Again.) 
  • A sweet shot of siblings snuggled together brings to mind the door-slamming blowout we refereed earlier in the day. 
  • And that picture with the spotless kitchen in the background reminds us that our own kitchen floor is so overdue for a sweeping that one could probably bread chicken just by rolling it from one end of the room to the other.

Is that you?

Because I've been there too.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Using many of the same steps I had used to overcome toxic perfectionism in early adulthood, along with the information I had gained about children and families through my professional experience, I began the work of letting go of perfect once again as a mother. Doing so opened me up to something so much better.  

I want that for you too.

It’s time to exhale.  


It’s time to let go.

You can...  

... Opt out of the pressure cooker – let go of the burdens and the lies that our culture unfairly handed you.  

... Talk back to the messages that are dragging you down.  

... Find confidence in giving your kids what really matters.  

... Stop waiting for permission to feel your own happiness.  

... Savor your experience as a mom, confident that YOU – happy, healthy, whole - are exactly what your kids need.  

LETTING GO OF PERFECT: The Art and Science of Being an Awesome Mom without Losing Your Mind

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How does this course work?

Seven Audio Sessions

“I have tons of time for sitting around and watching videos uninterrupted,” said no mom ever, so these lessons come as audio sessions you can listen to while you prep dinner, go for a walk, or wait in the carpool lane at school. You’ll also get transcripts of the sessions so you can go back and re-read or highlight your big take-aways.  

Guided Challenges

Each module also contains a workbook section to help you put these new perspectives to work in your own life. With these guided exercises, you’ll quickly zero in on the what and how of letting go so that you can finally exhale, cut the noise, and feel the burdens lift.  

Personal Application

Take your learning even further by discussing your big lightbulb moments in your workbook journal pages or with others to help you fully process this big perspective shift and help you narrow in on the necessary changes in your life with tons of support.  

(Even better: Join with a friend and dive even deeper over the phone….or over some amazing tacos.)  

Included in the Course...

Module One: Letting Go of Perfect

We start out by dispelling the myth of the perfect parent, exploring why getting it "right" for our kids doesn't always look the way we think it does --- or even the same as someone else. You’ll recognize what YOUR kids really need from YOU so that you can begin to turn off the voices that just don’t matter.  

You’ll explore perfect as a healthy process rather than the unrealistic state of being you’ve been handed. This module will help you to shut down the inroads for perfect to be the enemy of good in your life. 

Module Two: Letting Go of Pressure

Moms feel judgment everywhere. Here's where we start to get real about the imaginary audiences we work so hard to please. You’ll expose WHY you feel so anxious to please and zero in on what input actually matters ----- and what doesn’t.  

Through this module and challenge exercises you’ll be empowered to take back your right to decline input, pressure, and judgment from sources that just don’t matter and bring your mothering experience back to a safe place.

Module Three: Letting Go of Criticism

Once we quiet the crowd around us, it's time to have a heart to heart with the critic within. All may seem well on the outside, but the mix tape of criticism we play in our own minds will unravel us without some “radical self love”.  

Through this module you’ll take charge of your own inner critic and fill yourself with more confidence, clarity, and peace.

Module Four: Letting Go of Guilt

"Am I ruining my kids?" I don't know a mother alive who hasn't entertained this question for at least a moment. We WILL make mistakes. That's a given. But what does that really mean for us and for our kids? 

In this module, we'll dive into some fascinating research about what it really takes to create a bond where kids thrive and what that looks like in our own families. (Spoiler alert: Perfection actually works against it.) You'll begin to morph parenting mistakes from ulcer-inducing incidents into stepping stones that move you forward together. Stronger. Better for the journey.  


Module Five: Letting Go of Worry

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of being a mom is realizing how much you can't control....but desperately want to. Through this section you'll build a healthy relationship with control and approach risk in a way that helps your kids grow --- while you stay sane.  

You’ll manage risk like a pro and put worry and fear in their proper place.  

Module Six: Letting Go of "Should"

Ditch the overwhelm. We'll talk back to the pressures that pile on and learn how to wisely choose where to put our attention, time, and energy.  

Through this module, you’ll become brilliant at the basics and simply drop all the excess.  

You’ll have the confidence to stop listening to the “shoulds” creating the cacophony all around you, and instead, find your own voice becoming clearer.  

Module Seven: Letting Go... So You Can Hold On to What Matters

When we let go of “perfect” we make room to hold on to something more, something better, something that matters. 

Exchange perfection, pressures, worry, and guilt for joy in this phase of motherhood, confidence to be yourself, and clarity to move forward. 

Stop postponing your happiness. Stop waiting for permission. Savor motherhood now.  

The course is phenomenal.  

The guilt filled my evenings and made me an unhappy mom and spouse. I'd lie in bed at night...defeated. Letting Go of Perfect feels like a low-key therapy session with your best friend. (It) helped me reason out some of the impossible expectations I had set for myself as a mom. (Now) when I go to bed at night I don't feel as heavy. I don't lay my head down on a pillow of regrets, but instead a pillow that is filled with self-compassion.”

Bekka B.


"This class has started me on a path to accepting my parenting choices with significantly less "mom guilt".  

My husband and I also took her parenting course and being on the same page for teaching our children has made such a difference in parenting together. I not only refer these to all my friends but also find myself continually turning to both of these resources as I navigate parenthood."

Andrea D.

New Zealand

Choose the best path for you.

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Any Questions?

> When will this course begin?

As soon as you register, you can dive into the course materials and go as quickly or as slowly as you wish!

> What if this isn’t a good time for me to start? 

You can jump right as soon as you register, or wait for next month, or wait for next year! This lifetime access means that once you enroll, you have access to the course materials forever. Go through the course now, later, or every year. 

> Can I decide later?  

Doors close for registration after Friday, December 7th. While the course will remain for existing students, registration will no longer be offered.

> Do I have to wear pants? 

Nope. PJs, bathrobes, exercise wear, etc. all welcome. Come as you are. Your course materials will be available online any time that works for you. Because I know how busy moms are, modules will contain audio downloads so you can plug and play on the go as you drive, work out, nurse, fold laundry, cook, or soak in a tub (you deserve it). Along with the audio, you’ll have access to transcripts so you can go back and read or highlight content. Additionally, you’ll be able to download and print the course workbook modules so that you can put these new concepts to work through the course challenges, to get you started on the process of letting go and getting clear in your own life.  

> This price is AMAZING – is this a stripped down course? 

This IS a great price, especially when you grab the Buddy or Bundle packages! This registration gives you access to the full course. And this is the last chance to grab it!

> What does lifetime access mean? 

Barring a sudden implosion of the internet or other catastrophic event beyond my control, you will always be able to access this course online or be given the opportunity to personally download all course materials to be used on your timeline.  

> What’s the benefit of signing up with a friend? 

This course includes some deep work. Change doesn’t come without it. You’ll have the opportunity to share that work and progress in our group, but I’m a big believer in the buddy system. (And research backs it up.) If you take this course with a friend you share a close, personal bond with, you’ll not only get this course at a great value, but you’ll get more value from it. We’re more likely to do the work and process it more thoroughly if we’re doing it with a friend. It’s human nature. Use it to your advantage. If this is for you, select the Buddy package. (You can even give your partner her access as a gift and schedule a weekly girls’ night or long-distance phone call to hammer out your homework!)  

> What’s included in the Bundle package? 

If you choose the Bundle, you and your friend get instant access to the Parenting with Positive Guidance Ecourse (listed at $197) as well as access to the Ecourse, Letting Go of Perfect. Both offer lifetime access. Parenting with Positive Guidance focuses on improving your parenting skills for guiding positive behavior in your kids while also building healthy relationships in your family. You can read more about it here. Paired together with Letting Go of Perfect, these two courses offer a powerful boost to your parenting experience! This package offers a savings of more than 50%, based on list prices (though the real value is even higher)!  


It’s time to let go of perfect. You have much better things to hold on to.  

Once you stop holding on to judgment, criticism, guilt and perfection, your hands and heart will be wide open to hold on to the better things in motherhood.  

More confidence. More clarity. More breathing space. More messy bliss. More solid relationships (flaws included). More laughing till your eyes leak. More pure joy.  

Let go of perfect. Hold on to what matters.  

Meet Your Instructor, Amanda Morgan, MS

Hi, there! I'm Amanda. I'm a recovering perfectionist and mom to four rowdy boys. Working as a writer, speaker, and trainer in early education and child development, I've noticed the same toxic perfectionism that almost kept me from being a mom is also robbing moms today of the joy of this season of life.

I know what it's like to wrestle with doubt, judgment, and guilt. I know what it's like to have your own inner voice drowned out by the voices of the crowd.

And I know what it's like to finally let it go. 

I didn't know how much real happiness, confidence, and contentment was waiting for me in each moment, until I let go of everything else so I could finally grab it.

I'm combining my own personal journey, and my experiences as a mom, with what I've learned professionally about effective parenting and healthy growth and development to help you let go of perfect and hold on to what matters. 

You can be an awesome mom without losing your mind.

I'd love to see you inside the course!

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Disclaimer: Amanda Morgan is not a clinical therapist and this course, while it will add to the tools and knowledge of parents, and may be beneficial alongside clinical support, it should not take the place of any necessary clinical therapy for individuals or families.