Discover why your kids don't need you to be the "BEST" mom.

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Letting Go of Perfect opens for enrollment February 21st | Enrollment only open until Febraury 28th

What could YOU let go of?

  • Perfection : 

Stop perfect from being the enemy of the good.

  • Pressure: 

Decline judgment from sources that just don't matter.

  • Criticism: 

Quiet the critics around you as well as the critic within.

  • Guilt: 

Trade guilt for growth and view mistakes in a new light.

  • Worry: 

Manage risk like a pro and put fear its place. 

  • "Should": 

Ditch the overwhelm and talk back to pressure.

Meet Your Instructor, Amanda Morgan, MS

Hi, there! I'm Amanda. I'm a recovering perfectionist and mom to four rowdy boys. Working as a writer, speaker, and trainer in early education and child development, I've noticed the same toxic perfectionism that almost kept me from being a mom is also robbing moms today of the joy of this season of life.

I know what it's like to wrestle with doubt, judgment, and guilt. I know what it's like to have your own inner voice drowned out by the voices of the crowd.

And I know what it's like to finally let it go. 

I didn't know how much real happiness, confidence, and contentment was waiting for me in each moment, until I let go of everything else so I could finally grab it.

I'm combining my own personal journey, and my experiences as a mom, with what I've learned professionally about effective parenting and healthy growth and development to help you let go of perfect and hold on to what matters. 

You can be an awesome mom without losing your mind.

I'd love to see you inside my next course!

I want to hear from you! 

What lie does perfection tell you about motherhood?

What could you let go of?