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Whether we’re talking about battles over bedtime, getting dressed, food, screen time -- honestly, MOST of what drives us to within inches of our sanity as parents -- it almost always boils down to power struggles.  

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  • How to turn daily power struggles into a win-win for you and your kids (and keep your sanity in the process).
  • The key principles and perspectives to open new resevoirs of patience you need in order to parent more intentionally.

This isn't about quick fixes, gimmicks, or fads. 

These are solid, best practice solutions based on healthy, whole child development and respectful, positive parenting relationships.

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So, Who Am I?

Hi, there! I’m Amanda Morgan, writer, speaker, and creator of Not Just Cute. I’ve studied education and child development for almost 20 years now. But nothing in my academic and professional experience compares with my experience as a mom! I have four rowdy, awesome boys who put my book smarts to the test, down in the trenches of the every day. 

After working for a non-profit children’s organization as a trainer and consultant for early childhood professionals, I answered the call from many parents to bring a similar training to them. They wanted to get the support and have the same result-getting tools they noticed their kids’ teachers had. 

I’m passionate about sharing concepts of intentional, whole child development, that work in the real world, with the parents and teachers who need support the most. Where philosophical ideals and messy reality intersect is my happy place.  

I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you!

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