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Feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a parent?

You're not alone.

Parenting is hard.  

We deal with challenges every single day. Sibling squabbles, picky eaters, meltdowns, and four star power struggles over which shoes to wear.  

So. Much. Whining.

And that's all before you even get out the door in the morning.  

But parenting is awesome.  

It's the nighttime snuggles and sweet, sleepy "I love you's". It's explaining why she can't marry Daddy, even though he's her favorite person in the world. It's a shared sense of pride when they "get it" and you helped teach it. It's seeing the world through newer, brighter, simpler eyes.  

And it is love --- more than you ever thought possible.

Through the good times and the challenging times, you need the right tools to help you do your life's most important work.

There is no more important work than the work we do within the walls of our own home.

And yet, as I trained teachers and childcare professionals to do their work, I was met one day with a question that stopped me in my tracks. "What about us?" two parents asked. "Where do we get OUR training?"

As a professional, I've received and presented hundreds and hundreds of hours of training, to ensure that I, and those I work with, have the skills to be effective in the classroom. 

But what about in the home?

Where do parents get their training?

Have they been left to figure it out on their own?

When I was asked this by a child's parents, I honestly didn't have a good answer. These parents wanted desperately to help their son. I had been brought in to support his teachers. 

But what about them?

Then, I realized that as a parent, I was using the same principles, tools, and philosophies that I had spent years learning as an early childhood educator to guide my own children in my home.  

That lightbulb moment is when I started creating resources for parents.  

It made sense to me that if professionals working with children had regular training on the principles and practices of positive child guidance -- information that made their work easier and more effective -- parents should too.  

After writing the ebook Parenting with Positive Guidance: Building Discipline from the Inside Out, I found that many people were wanting more. I spent months taking that first project, adding new information and insights and packaging it all together into a class experience that could be accessed by parents all over the world.

There's nothing magical about this course.  

There are no gimmicks or short-term ploys. Just solid information and respected techniques. It's grounded in research and best-practice that will allow you to build stronger relationships within your family while also building more internal discipline in your child.

 You'll learn about philosophy, practices, and tools that you can implement in your home immediately, and you'll see the results for years to come.  

This course has helped parents trade meltdowns for problem solving, trade sleepless nights for restful routines, and trade feelings of crushing failure for clear confidence.

There are a lot of perspectives out there. Lots of opinions about parenting. But when we quiet the crowd and focus on what we know about the way children develop and learn, we begin to see the simple core principles that guide us as we parent with more clarity and confidence.....Quiet the crowd. Clarify your core principles. 

Learn to parent confidently, authentically, and positively.  

This course will cover....

  • Why many popular parenting tools just don't work. (And what does!)  
  • The keys to finding what's behind the behavior challenges you're facing right now.  
  • How to be a positive parent without being a pushover.  
  • Proactive tools for preventing challenging behaviors before they even start.
  •  Responsive tools for turning tough days around.
  • How to stop being frustrated with old behaviors and start shaping new ones.  
  • The important connection between the parent-child relationship and behavior.  
  • The path to strengthening your family and finding your purpose.

No need to wait. You can start today.

Included in Your Registration...

  • 16 Video Sessions Packed with Clarifying Principles. 

Each of the four units contains about one to one-and-a-half hours of video broken into four 20-30 minute video segments, so you can watch it all at once or sneak it in throughout the week. Along with the videos, find links, printables, and discussion forums to maximize your learning experience.  

  • 10 Essential Tools for Building Discipline.  

These tools span the spectrum from "maintenance tools" that can head off challenges before they ever appear, to "repair tools" that will get you back on track when everything seems to be in meltdown mode. These are my favorite tools for facing challenges both at home and in the classroom.  

  • Behavior Observation Guide.  

You can't fix what you can't understand. Get to the real root of the problem so that you know how to approach it more confidently. Two children can exhibit the exact same behavior for completely different reasons. That's why blanket "if they do this, then you do that" advice doesn't always work. Learn to see and understand behavior in a new way so that you can respond in a more effective way.

  • Coursebook, Parenting with Positive Guidance, Building Discipline from the Inside Out.  

Extend your learning by reading about the topics from each session in this ebook. This is the textbook for this course is PACKED with tips, tools, and guiding principles and will help you zero in on how to be the parent you want to be.  

  • Coursebook, Patience for Parents.  

An exclusive ebook for this course! Includes tips and secrets for increasing your patience and keeping your sanity!  

  • Private Facebook Group Access.  

This forum is used to ask questions, share experiences, give support, and spread great resources. Have a question as you go through the course? Just tag me! While I am personally there interacting, this is meant to be more than just a Q&A forum. This is place for creating a community of like-minded parents sharing in the challenges, discoveries, and joys of parenthood.  

  • Instant Lifetime Access.  

Upon registration, you'll have access to all course materials in minutes! And your registration gives you access for the life of the course. As long as it's available online, you'll have access. Return to review, get inspired, or check out new material as it's added.

*Bonus Interviews*

*Bonus Features*

Wait. What?

That's right. This course comes with a 2 for 1 bonus. So, not only would a similar course cost $300 +, but you get access for TWO

This isn't intended just as a better deal, but as a better experience

When you go through a course like this with someone close to you, you're not only more likely to do the work, but you'll also have a built in sounding board and support team. 

We think that's pretty important.

When you get on the same page with your spouse, your mom, your best friend, your babysitter, you'll see positive change maximized, and the weight of your burden minimized.

Get the Full Course + Bonuses

Basic Course Valued at Over $300:

  • Course Videos
  • 10 Essential Tools
  • Observation Guide
  • 2 Coursebooks
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Instant Lifetime Access

Plus Bonuses Worth Over $200:  

  • 3 Bonus Interviews with Professionals in Self-Care, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Living Intentionally
  • Targeted Tools Section
  • A Year of Mindful Parenting Emails


  • TWO for ONE Registration to DOUBLE your value to over $1000.  

Regular List Price:  


***Limited Time Special***  

$147 (TOTAL for a 2 person team!) 

Here's What Participants Are Saying...

  • "A blessing to our home and to my journey to parent differently and more presently."

  • "Not only did it change the way I view children's "undesirable" behavior, but it also taught me practical strategies that I can apply both at home and in the classroom."
  • "This course was awesome and life-changing!"

  • "Using the tools taught in the class has made such a big difference in our daily lives. Just before the class we were struggling with bedtime battles that often went on throughout the night, keeping me and/or my husband from getting a decent night's sleep. This went on for weeks and then I began using some of the different tools learned through your class....Within a week or so we were all getting a good night's sleep again!"

  • "PPG is hands-down my favorite Parenting resource because of her whole-child, intentional and playful approach that focuses on developing strong mental health in children and families as their relationships evolve."

  • "We really learned a lot and I'm sure we'll be using your tips for a number of years. THANK YOU!!!"
  • "We feel we are already better parents for having gone through the course together....It has been an invaluable tool in helping change our parenting paradigm and putting that desired change into practice."

  • "It felt too easy. It really wasn't; it just works."

100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee.

This course has the potential to produce huge change in your life. That requires you doing the work and taking some risks.  

But investing in this course shouldn't be one of them.  

If, for some reason, this course isn't what you're looking for, simply email within seven days of the first session and you'll be promptly refunded in full.

How Does This Compare?

Other Approaches....

  • Focus on the adult controlling the child's behavior through shame, manipulation, or fear.
  • View child behavior as an isolated and independent outcome. 
  • Behavior is behavior. Challenging behavior is often for "no good reason".
  • Approaches behavior as something that can be changed through punishment or negative association.
  • Behavior mistakes are a sign of willful disobedience.
  • Require individual registrations or recognize partnerships only in same households.

Parenting with Positive Guidance...

  • Focuses on building a child's own self-discipline and social skill.
  • Views child behavior within the context of healthy family relationships and as one part of a larger developmental picture, supporting social and emotional health.
  • Behavior is communication. Once you discover the reason or source, you can make a real plan for real change.
  • Approaches behavior as something that relies on skills that can be intentionally taught, practiced, and learned
  • Mistakes are part of the learning process. (Yours and theirs.)
  • Allows you to cultivate success by choosing your own partner -- your spouse, your friend, your own parent, your babysitter -- in your home or around the world.

Common Questions...

Will I need to be online at a certain time?  

No. Each section of the course is ready for viewing at your convenience! Some students watch one session a day, others watch one a week, while others choose to binge-watch Netflix style. Your time and pacing is up to you.

What's Inside?  

Let me give you a peek....  

How does this work?  

Once you make your purchase, you will receive instructions and access codes for the class in a matter of minutes. 

(*Note: Emails will be sent to the same email address used during your purchase / PayPal email address. From there, you can register with your preferred email address.)  

You can access the course resources immediately. Pacing is up to you. You can sign up to receive reminders each week to keep you on a one-month course plan, or squeeze each video in whenever you have a pocket of time. While it's recommended that you follow the course outline in order, you have lifetime access to the materials, allowing you to come back and refresh on any lesson or topic discussed.  

Can I get a certificate for my participation?

If you need training hours for fostercare or work, just let me know before you begin the course and I'll be happy to give you just a few extra follow up assignments in order to provide you with a 10 hour certificate. PLEASE NOTE: Agencies vary from state to state and agency to agency. Please get confirmation from your agency before starting the process to ensure they will accept the certificate as well as to be aware of any additional requirements they may have in order to validate the certificate. I am happy to work with any reasonable requests for adaptations for certification.

How do I share with my team partner?

I strongly believe that you're more likely to put positive change into your life if you have someone with you, personally, on your team. When you have someone with you, on the same page, you can use them as a sounding board, support system, and life line. Your team partner can access the course with your same log in information OR you can email me with your transaction number and I'll set them up from the back end with their own separate log in information. 

You can go through the course together over a nightly bowl of popcorn, or over the phone for discussions. How you connect is up to you, but I suggest setting up a regular time to discuss and process together.

What if this isn't what I'm looking for?  

If you're not satisfied with what you receive in this course, just contact us within 14 days of your purchase. Your full payment will be promptly refunded.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to trade your old parenting script for one that works? 

To trade the yelling, the tantrums, the fighting, and the power struggles for some calm, peace, and clarity?

Are you ready to stop being overwhelmed by ALL the advice from EVERY direction, all the fads and quick fixes of the day, and face challenges with confidence in your approach, knowing it's based on research and long-standing best practice?

It's all inside Parenting with Positive Guidance, Building Discipline from the Inside Out.

We can do this together.

I'm ready when you are!

About Your Instructor...

Meet Amanda Morgan, MS  

Nothing in my 20 years of experience studying and working with children compares to the challenges I've faced as a parent. And at the same time, nothing has been so rewarding.

As a writer, teacher, trainer, and speaker, I am passionate about intentional whole child development. I've used that passion as I've taught groups ranging from preschoolers to university students, parents, and education professionals. 

 My background in education and human development and my experiences in classrooms and conference halls have taught me a lot, and I continue to learn every single day as a mom to four awesome, rowdy boys. 

 I can't wait to share the best practices and approaches used by education and childcare professionals that can also make a big difference for you in your own home. I hope you'll join me!

Amanda Morgan is not a clinical therapist and this course, while it will add to the tools and knowledge of parents, should not take the place of any necessary clinical therapy for individuals or families.